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First Responders

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If your job is stressful, floating could help you clear your mind after a long day.

At Vital Float Centre, we provide float therapy services, rooted in understanding the importance of helping individuals revitalize their bodies and minds by reducing anxiety, stress, and helping to manage chronic pain.

1 x 60 mins - $45

3 x 60 mins - $125

10 x 60 mins - $400

Are you ready to experience profound relaxation?*

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*To take advantage of promotional pricing you must create an account and purchase services. Credits for services will remain in your account until you book. Code can only be used once per user. New floaters must present qualifying identification as a first responder (Police, EMT, Firefighter) at appointment.

It’s very stressful to be normal people outside of work. After seeing something traumatizing at work, then coming home to your smiling kids—it’s a big mental adjustment. - Ashley Jay, ICPD Officer

Float Rooms are also known as floatation tanks, float pods, float spas, float chambers, isolation tanks, sensory deprivation tanks, and other related terms.

Benefits of Floating

Floating is beneficial for athletes, those interested in wellness and self-care, the injured, those battling chronic pain, and alternative care users. Below are some ways floating may improve your quality of life:

What to Expect

Floating is a transforming experience that benefits the body, mind, and soul. Below are a few things you can expect from a sensory deprivation float session:
Please note that a standard Float session, though physically and mentally beneficial, does not involve any practitioner and it is not covered by most insurance plans in Canada.