Corporate Wellness Programs

Make wellness a vital part of your corporate culture

Vital Float is a float therapy centre conveniently located in the Distillery District. We help individuals to relax and revitalize their bodies and minds by reducing stress and anxiety, and helping to manage chronic pain or injury through the unique benefits of Floating Therapy. We would like to extend our wellness services to your team. 

Vital Float Centre Inc. provides a simple way to achieve profound relaxation. Whether you and your team use floatation therapy as a tool for meditation, creativity, or rest and recovery, there are a wide range of benefits that are difficult to get anywhere else for your mind, body, and spirit.

 Imagine the powerful experience of sending your employees on an “urban retreat” that takes them away from the constant stimulation of their smartphones, wearables, and other distractions—the things that make strategic thinking harder than it already is without external stimuli.  

Toronto Corporate Wellness Programs

 Some of the offerings for your company could be:

  • Buy packages of 10 floats (Gift Cards) to share with/reward 10 employees to experience a profoundly relaxing 60-minute float. 
  • Man floating in float tankBook a Private Vital Corporate Retreat for small groups of 6-9 employees. Sample program:8:15am: Meet at Vital Float
    • 8:20am: Set Goals and Intentions, Orientation to Float
    • 8:30am: Divide and start rotating:
      • 45 min Float Session
      • 45 min Meditation/Mindfulness Exercise
      • 45 min Journals/ Create your own…

We will offer Healthy Snack in between the activities

  • 11:30am: Regroup and synthesize information, share experiences
  • 12:00noon Finish
  • Manage a premium VIP Code per company that can be shared with your team/employees
    • The discount code vitalXXX exclusive to XXX company offering discounts to employees.  

We would love to discuss floating and the benefits it can offer your team in more detail. Please contact us to discuss customized options to work for your team.