Our Team

Claudia Chavez

Founder, Vital Float Centre

Claudia Chavez, Founder of Vital Float Centre, is a Mechanical Engineer (B.Eng), who was raised in beautiful Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia. Throughout her career, Claudia has worked in a wide variety of industries and brings expertise in customer service, sales, and marketing management to her new adventure in the floating industry. 

During her teenage years, Claudia was a professional swimmer and member of the Colombian National Swimming Team. Through her history of advanced training, she understands the benefit of visualization before competitions and muscle recovery after them, something that Float Therapy provides to Athletes.

Claudia and her husband Santiago are proud Canadian Immigrants and parents of two teenagers. Together, they have called Canada “home” for the last 15 years.

In Her Words: Claudia's Story

Though an engineer by trade, after working several years as Project Engineer, Sales Manager, and Admission Consultant, I realized that what drives me is not numbers but people. Understanding their needs and coming up with the best services and solutions for them is the thing I’m most passionate about.

After struggling with mental illness in the workplace, I decided to leave my corporate career to become an entrepreneur. My goal was to create a business in which I would have the ability to help those who have struggled with similar issues that I faced.

While unemployed, I met a peer who introduced me to floating, and I decided to try it for myself. I soon became 100% satisfied with the experience and knew I needed to get involved. I began researching float therapy and its benefits, and I became wholeheartedly convinced of how incredible it would be for more people to understand its benefits.

I realized that, as with any other issues with our health, we need to establish a regular practice of prevention to be in control and maintain good health. That realization changed my life forever. 
I look forward to sharing the power of Vital Float with both Toronto and guests from afar!

Claudia Chavez

Founder of Vital Float Centre