Welcome to Vital Float Centre

Vital Float is a Toronto-based float therapy centre rooted in understanding the vitality of water; to clean, heal, nourish, and hydrate. Dedicated to wellness, our centre helps individuals to relax and revitalize their bodies and minds by reducing stress and anxiety, and helping to manage chronic pain or injury through unique Floating and Hydrotherapy

Vital Float Centre Inc. provides a simple way to achieve profound relaxation. Whether you're using floatation therapy as a tool for meditation, creativity, or rest & recovery, there are a wide range of benefits that are difficult to get anywhere else for your mind, body, and spirit.

What is Floating?

Floating is the process of entering a tub or cabin that contains a saturated solution of Epsom salt that allows a person to float effortlessly without external stimuli (unless requested). Floating therapy can be used for many different purposes, including meditation, exploration, relaxation, and physical therapy, boosting creativity and supporting pain management.

We've documented the step by step process you can come to expect when coming to float at Vital Float Centre.


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